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Faculty of Education

image1 The Faculty of Education is the only institution in the San-in area dedicated to training a new generation of teachers, who actively solve local problems connected with education, and take the lead in educating children who will be the driving force of the future of Japan.







International Admission Policy

 We accept international students with a clear vision in their academic research and their own future. We provide advanced lectures in the field of school education consisting of following academic area: elementary education; special support education; education in language and culture; education of social and cultural studies; fundamental mathematics education; nature science education; home economics and early childhood education; human health education; art education; and music education.
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Message from Dean

Iwao OGAWA ProfessorProfessor Toshiaki KATO

 I am pleased to present this information concerning the Faculty of Education of Shimane University.

 We initiated major curriculum reforms in the undergraduate and graduate schools in 2004 and 2008 so we can provide students with the specialized skills they will need as teachers in the twenty-first century. The reforms include 1000-hour experience-based learning programs, major and minor course systems and profiling systems for individual undergraduates’ learning processes and outcomes.
 The 1000-hour experience-based learning programs make it possible for students to integrate knowledge or skills learned in classrooms and diverse experiences communicating with or teaching children in the community or at schools. By using the profiling systems, students can identify their own courses of development and needed areas of study to become teachers through collaboration with their instructors.
 Please join us and achieve your dream to become a teacher. We look forward to meeting you at the forefront of teaching education in Japan in the beautiful old town of Matsue.