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Faculty of Law and Literature

 The Faculty of Law and Literature covers a wide range of fields in humanities and social sciences. It is an organization of about 60 faculty members and 860 students. You can study a variety of research fields in small-size classes, where you feel it is easy to ask questions or ask for advice from teachers and classmates. The faculty also has a close role with communities in the region. A lot of students actively take part in social research, archaeological research, city planning and NPO activities. We offer graduate programs in humanities and social sciences as well. Each program aims to educate students in developing academic information literacy to play a useful part in today’s highly information-oriented society.
 The faculty is located in Matsue, a beautiful castle city with a long history and unique cultural traditions. International students enjoy participating in local festivals and cultural activities. When you move to Matsue, you will learn first hand about Japanese society and culture in your daily life.


Admission Policy for International Students

  We seek students with a strong motivation to study and a clear vision of the future. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that our students acquire academic knowledge of their interest, develop research skills, and make full use of their knowledge and skills in society.
 A candidate must have graduated from high school or have achieved the equivalent of high school education. International students are also required to have a high level of proficiency in Japanese language (the first grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test) since education is conducted in Japanese. For more information, visit our homepage .              

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Message from Dean

Ikuo TASAKA Professor Professor Ikuo TASAKA

 Shimane University is located on the Sea of Japan, on the north side of the mountains running through Japan. This area has a long history of cultural exchange with Asia and is blessed with abundant nature. Japan, as a nation, is currently being challenged to solve two problems: a decreasing and an ageing population. With an eye to the future, the Law and Literature Faculty is grappling with, studying, and seeking immediate solutions to these local issues. Although our faculty is small, most fields of study in the humanities and social science are provided. Students can take most classes regardless of the department to which they belong, so they can acquire broad as well as specialized knowledge. Having an open-minded, internationally-focused faculty is the aim of both our education and research. We have accepted many students from many other countries and have sent students to other countries as well. As the dean, I look forward to seeing students from all over the world attending our university.
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