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Campus Life

University Union


 Located in the center of campus, the University Union (daigakukaikan) is a multi-functional building that provides gathering space for club events, parties, and other activities. In addition to eight meeting rooms, there is a stationery store, a bookstore and a bakery cafe.

 The University Union is a place where students can interact with each other and organize activities outside of the classroom.

Academic Calendar

Please click here for Academic Calendar 2019 (Matsue campus).

The calendar below summarizes the important events for your quick reference.


April Academic Year begins
First Semester begins
Spring Entrance Ceremony
New Student Orientation
Classes begin
Course Registration for the 1st Semester
July Semester Examinations
August Summer Vacation
September Intensive Seminars begin
Intensive Seminars end
First Semester ends
Field Trip for International Students
October University Founding Anniversary Day
Second Semester begins
Fall Entrance Ceremony
New Student Orientation
Classes begin
Course Registration for the 2nd Semester
University Festival
December Shimadai International Party
Winter Vacation
January Classes Resume
February Semester Examinations
Ski Trip for International Students
March Academic Year-End Vacation
Graduation Ceremony
Field Trip for International Students
Second Semester ends


Shimane University CO-OP




 Shimane University CO-OP is the organization in charge of university welfare. CO-OP supports students' campus life in various aspects, housing, dining, studying and more.

 The shop sells and deals with stationaries, books, personal computers, foods, snacks and drinks, and domestic travel tickets.

 The shop provides housing information around the campus The shop looks for apartment which satisfies your requests and supports making a contract. 

 There are three cafeterias in Shimane University Matsue campus

Main cafeteria : sogno
Standard popular menus as well as special menus by seasons are provided.

Second cafeteria :  Nicora 1st floor
This cafeteria is specialized in rice bowl menus.

Third cafeteria : Nicora 2nd floor

In addition to standard menus, Halal-friendly menus are available. Based on the request from Muslim students, CO-OP developed the original Halal-friendly menus for safe and secure dining environment for those students.

Bakery & Cafe ASSET

 ASSET serves bread fresh from the oven inside the shop. in the relaxing atmosphere at the bakery, students can enjoy fresh bread as well as other menus such as pasta, light meals and fresh coffee.




Extracurricular Activities and Events

 International students can add to their study abroad experience in Japan by taking part in field trips provided by Shimane University. You have a chance to visit places which enable you to experience cultural traditions, beauty of nature and historical heritages. Our destinations may change every year, for examples to Tokyo, Kansai area or historically distinct countryside in Shimane Pref. where you can experience the traditional Japanese lifestyles.
 You also can enjoy the International party to share your culture with not only international students but also a lot of domestic students or staffs. Please make full use of these events to enrich your stay in Japan.



Clubs & Circles


 With 83 athletic and 62 culture and hobby-related teams and clubs at Shimane University, over 3000 students participate in extracurricular activities. These activities provide the opportunity for the students to develop their bodies and minds, to make friends, and to respect each other in ways that would otherwise be impossible in the classroom and are thus believed to have an important role in students’ lives.