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Shimane University’s Charter

Shimane University’s goals are:


1 To foster the development of individuals with initiative who possess a high degree of expertise and human compassion.

 Shimane University shall cultivate individuals with a high degree of expertise who can take on important roles in modern society and have as a foundation a high sense of public-mindedness and ethics.
 Shimane University shall offer an educational environment within the rich nature, history, and culture of the Sanin region where students can freely devote themselves as autonomous individuals to learning while being actively involved in society through academic and other related activities.


2 To promote a high international standard of research based on unique, local issues.

 Shimane University shall promote research in a diverse range of academic fields to respond to the multi-faceted demands of society, further develop distinctive,interdisciplinary research, and create an internationally-recognized center for original research.
 Shimane University, in response to societal demands, shall promote unique research projects that are based on local issues.


3 To promote social service programs that can solve local problems.

 Shimane University shall disseminate the results of its academic research through education, scholarship, research, and medical services.
 By cooperating and collaborating with local citizens, Shimane University shall endeavor to solve the problems of the local community and contribute to the building of a prosperous society.


4 To promote international exchange with Asian and other foreign countries.

 Shimane University, as a regionally-based international university, shall contribute to peace and development of other foreign countries, starting with Asia, by disseminating valuable information and promoting exchanges of academic research, culture, and people.


5 To respect academic freedom and human rights and promote public trust in the university.

 Shimane University shall lay an appropriate foundation as a seat of learning by honoring the spirit of the pursuit of truth, by respecting academic freedom and human rights, and by promoting harmony with the environment.
 The management of Shimane University shall be transparent and proactive and reflect the opinions held both inside and outside the university.