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The Strategy

The Strategy for International Exchanges

 After its incorporation, Shimane University was very proud to set forth its Charter with the slogan “Shimane University is growing with its people and community.” Since then, the university has been offering a world-class education and research based on distinctive regional challenges and international exchanges with foreign countries, especially within Asia. For the purpose of implementing the spirit of Shimane University’s Charter, we enacted the Strategy for International Exchanges of our University on March 25, 2008. To meet the challenges of implementing this strategy, we developed the following mission and vision statements.


1 Mission

 From a global viewpoint, emphasizing the focus on the coalition with Asia, our mission is to foster human resources who contribute to developing an international peaceful society, promote social progress, conduct world-class researches based on regional challenges, and to enhance Shimane University’s reputation by showing our achievements with the world.


2 Vision

(1)To develop human resources by expanding horizons and offering a world class education that will enable future leaders to contribute to the world, particularly within Asia.

(2)To create cutting edge outcomes in international academic exchanges by strengthening the cooperation with already established sister institutions overseas, and meeting distinctive regional challenges.
(3)To develop salient international cooperation programs with various international institutions.These programs have the potential to build Shimane University’s brand reputation and cultivate the international competitiveness of students, staffs and faculties.

(4)To promote internationalization at our university by underpinning international academic exchanges between concerned institutions.



Strategic Project of Shimane University International Exchanges