Academic Calendar

AY2023 Academic Calendar (Matsue campus)

AY2023 Academic Calendar [PDF:211KB]   

AY2023 Academic Calendar [XLSX:20KB]

Revised AY2022 Academic Calendar (Matsue campus)

In order to prevent the further infectious spread of COVID-19, the start of classes at Matsue campus for AY2022 first semester is shifted to Thursday, April 14. The first classes are given on-demand. The revised academic calendar is found as follows. 

 AY2022 Academic Calendar [PDF:211KB]  (revised version) 

 AY2022 Academic Calendar [XLSX:20.6KB] (revised version)

AY2022 Academic Calendar (Matsue campus)

 AY2022 Academic Calendar [PDF:211KB]  (previous version) 

 AY2022 Academic Calendar [XLSX:19.8KB] (previous version)

AY2021 Academic Calendar (Matsue campus) 

Academic Calendar in Response to COVID-19

At Matsue campus, AY2021 First Semester start will start on Wednesday, April 14 and the first classes are all conducted online in order to prevent the COVID-19 infectious spread. Classes from the second time are conducted in the way instructed on the syllabus (available in March.)

The university’s response may change under these rapidly changing circumstances. You will be informed of future changes.

 AY2021 Academic Calendar [PDF:211KB]

 AY2021 Academic Calendar [XLSX:34.2KB]