【IMPORTANT】Outbreak of COVID-19 in Matsue City

公開日 2020/04/14

Regarding to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture Government has listed the following information on their website.

In case you have visited the restaurant/bar or taken the highway buses, please contact the COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters at Shimane University (corona(at)office.shimane-u.ac.jp) or the public health center in Matsue.


【Shimane Prefecture Government Website (Excerpt)】

- Publication of the name of the restaurant/bar


We publish the name and the address of the restaurant/bar which patients with novel coronavirus infection have visited.

  Name: BUZZ

  Address: 517-1 Isemiya-cho, Matsue

*The owner of this restaurant/bar has agreed to publishing its name to prevent the spread of infection. This restaurant/bar is not identified as the source of infection, so please do not be biased.

If you visited the restaurant/bar from March 17th to April 9th, please contact the Consultation Center in your area.


- Publication of the bus service number

We publish the service number of the bus and its time schedule as follow.


Chugoku JR Bus Company

  March 20, 2020 (Fri.), 6:35, from Izumo Station to Osaka (Hankyu 3 bangai) “Kunibiki #2”

  March 21, 2020 (Sat.), 22:50, from Osaka (Hankyu 3 bangai) to Izumo Taisha Shrine “Kunibiki #113”

*The bus company published this information on their website.


Those who took these highway buses and are worried about their health condition, please contact your local public health center.



COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters at Shimane University

TEL: 0852-32-9797

Email: corona(at)office.shimane-u.ac.jp