Preparing to Take Online Classes

公開日 2020/04/14


In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), in principle all classes in the first semester of 2020 will be conducted online. We hope that faculty, staff members and students will work together to protect everyone's health and create learning opportunities.

The COVID-19 expansion is becoming more serious every day. Online classes are one of the most effective ways to prevent infection.


This situation is unexpected, and there may be inadequacies in conducting university-wide online classes. All of the faculty and staff members will do our best. Thank you for your understanding.

What Is Online Class?

Online classes are remote classes conducted over the Internet. There are two main methods of implementation.


1. Synchronous Online Classes (Simultaneous Interactive Classes)


Using a web conferencing system (for example, Zoom, Office 365 and Teams) that can send and receive video and audio data, classes can be held in an environment where teachers and students can communicate at the same time.


2. On-demand Type Classes


This is a class where you can learn while referencing documents, audio, photos and videos uploaded on the Internet (on Shimane University Moodle) at your convenience. While this is not a two-way class, you can ask questions to professors and post messages between students on the online forum.


Classes will be held with one of the options above, or a combination of both. There may be 10 to 200 or more participants in each class. Participation, recording attendance, presentations and submission of assignments are different from face-to-face classes. We will inform you how each course will be conducted by the start date of the class. Please be sure to check your class syllabus.

What You Have to Prepare

First of all, in order to take online classes, you need a device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection (Wi-Fi and/or wired LAN recommended). The purpose is to avoid contact with people as much as possible, so please prepare the equipment and connection environment at your home/apartment.


If you cannot prepare a device or a connection environment, please contact the university. We will make it possible to use the PC room and network of the university after taking measures against infection. Details will be announced later.


Next, be sure to prepare to use of the information tools "Campus Square," "Shimane University Moodle 2020 version" and "Office 365" for studying at Shimane University. You can log into any system using your User ID and password for the Shimane University integrated authentication system.


In addition, a microphone and a camera are required to prepare for the simultaneous interactive classes. You can use the built-in microphone and camera of your computer, iPad or tablet. Please check to make sure you have these items in advance.

Information Tools for Studying at Shimane University



Shimane University Official Website

Important information related to everyone's study and necessary information for university education and student life such as countermeasures for the novel coronavirus will be posted on the official website.



Campus Square: Academic Affairs Information System


In order to connect from outside the university, please set up the VPN connection using the link below.   (You can switch the language on the webpage)


Log into the academic affairs information system to refer to the content of the classes (syllabus), select classes to take, register for classes, and check your grades.


To log in, enter your User ID and password for the Shimane University Integrated Authentication System.


Please be sure to enter your contact information including your address, mobile phone number and mobile email address. When entering your mobile email address, please be especially careful not to make a mistake by confusing uppercase and lowercase letters.



Shimane University Moodle 2020 version   (Mostly written in Japanese)


This is an online lesson platform for students of Shimane University. Even from home, you can access the teaching materials and announcements for each class. You can also log into Moodle with the Shimane University Integrated Authentication System account.




Office 365


There are various learning applications such as university email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and a shared drive.


Please sign in with your Shimane University email address.

For details, please check the site below. (Japanese only)


Email messages from the university are principally sent to your mobile email address registered in the Academic Affairs Information System. If you have not registered, emails will be sent to your university email address. Please set up your Office 365 in advance.

Please access, register, and check the above 4 websites before online classes start on May 7th.


We will continue to send you information about tools that can be used in online classes and how to use them. Please make sure to check the information sent by the university.