【IMPORTANT】Notice on Japanese Government Special Cash Handout Program

公開日 2020/04/30

Japan government has officially decided to hand out 100,000 Japanese yen to residents. In order to receive the cash handout, the head of each household should apply. Those who moved to Matsue or Izumo city from outside Shimane or Japan are referred to as "head of household."  Please be sure to file your application, once you receive the official letter from municipality. 

To All Students: 

1. Outline 

The Japanese government will be handing out 100,000 yen to residents in Japan for financial support during the coronavirus outbreak. 

・ Every person on Japan's Basic Resident Register as of April 27 is eligible. The head of the household receives the whole amount of the cash handout, which each of the members in his/her household will receive.  

・ An application form will be mailed from municipality to every head of the household. You can apply either by sending back the application form or by applying online through the government website if you are a "My Number Card” holder. The handout will be as a rule transmitted to the bank account of the applicant.  

・Each municipality decides when to start accepting applications as well as when  the handout will be distributed. The application deadline is set to be within 3 months after the start date of accepting applications.  

※The above information is currently under consideration and is subject to change.  

The program covers foreign residents registered on Japan’s Basic Resident Register.   

Program outline (in Japanese) 

2. Be careful of fraud through this program  

There may be fraudulent actions in connection with the program. Note that the municipality and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will never ask you to go to ATM or to transfer a commission fee to pay you the cash handout. 

3. Other support programs 

The following programs are available for those affected by COVID-19.  

Temporary Loan Emergency Fund 

Preferential Measure of Employment Adjustment Subsidies (in Japanese) 
※The above program covers non-regular employment including students’ part-time jobs.