【IMPORTANT】Call for PCR Testing in Response to the 25th Positive Case in Shimane

公開日 2020/07/17

All Students, Faculty and Staff:


                                       Head of COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters Office   

                                                                                         IWAKURA Yoshihisa


       Call for PCR Testing in Response to the 25th Positive Case in Shimane


On July 14, the 25th positive COVID-19 case was confirmed in Shimane. The Shimane Prefecture Government disclosed the following information on July 16, regarding the places the confirmed case has worked at. If you have used or been to said places, immediately contact the Health Service Center at your campus, even if you do not have any symptoms.


●Excerpt from the Shimane Prefecture Government Website


The places the confirmed case has worked

・Nanba Home Center Izumo Dome shop (Worked on July 8 and 12)

・Yakitoriya Sumire Izumo shop (Worked on July 6, 7, 9,12 and 13)

*Passengers who used the same highway bus the confirmed case used on July 5 and 6 have been all identified and contacted individually, Therefore, the information such as bus company name and bus number are not disclosed.


●Shimane Prefecture Government Website (in Japanese)




 【Matsue Campus】 Health Service Center Matsue campus


 【Izumo Campus】  Health Service Center Izumo campus



●Information on CampusSquare (for Students)

The related information in Japanese can be found on CampusSquare for students.



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