【All Students】Application for the 2020 Second Semester Tuition Deferment

公開日 2020/10/12

Shimane University will accept application of the 2020 second semester tuition deferment targeting the students whose household finances have been severely affected by COVID-19 and have difficulty in paying tuition.



Tuition will be deferred until Friday, February 26, 2021 for those students whose income has been decreased under the COVID-19 infectious spread and have difficulty in continuing their study.


 【Target students】

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students


 【How to Apply】

Download the application form found on the Shimane University Moodle, and submit to the office in charge.

●Shimane University Moodle 2020 version ―授業以外のコース―2020年度後期授業料徴収猶予の申請について

  https://moodle.cerd.shimane-u.ac.jp/moodle/course/view.php?id=2541 (in Japanese)


If you have a difficulty in submitting through the Moodle, download the application form found below and submit to the office in charge.


     Application for Tuition Payment Deferment [DOC:30.5KB]


 【Application Deadline】

  Monday, October 26, 2020



◎Matsue campus

    Bursary Support Group, Student Support Division

              1060 Nishikawatsu-cho, Matsue, Shimane, 690-8504

         Tel : 0852-32-6063


◎Izumo campus

    Academic Affairs Division, Faculty of Medicine

              89-1, Enya-cho, Izumo, Shimane, 693-8501    

    Tel : 0853-20-2084