First Semester AY2020 Classes at Matsue Campus

公開日 2020/04/14

Matsue campus

 All undergraduate and graduate students:

First Semester AY2020 Classes at Matsue Campus


Change in Academic Calendar

In order to ensure the health and safety of both our students and faculty and staff members under these rapidly changing circumstances, we have already published a notice about the change in the start date of classes from April 14 to May 7. With this change, please note that the AY2020 academic calendar has also changed as follows.


First Semester Class Period From Wednesday, May 7 to Friday, August 7

(There will be no regular examination period)

Class Registration Period    From Monday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 13

  AY2020 Academic Calendar [XLSX:19.7KB]


As previously addressed, all classes for first semester will as a rule be moved to virtual (online) instruction. 

Syllabi are currently being updated to accommodate for the implementation of online instruction. The final syllabi will be available after Wednesday, April 22. Please check the latest syllabi at the time of class registration.

About online instruction:


〇 Instructions until classes start

Please continue to keep yourself in good health, and follow the instructions below until classes start, being aware of your responsibility to not become infected or spread the virus to others.

1. Younger generations may not be symptomatic even though they are infected. Please act properly and keep in mind that you may be a carrier.

2. Please check Campus Square, your email and the university’s website for any updates from the university at least once a day.

3.①If you have had close contact with people diagnosed with the infectious disease or those suspected of having contracted the virus, or ②You have a fever and/or respiratory symptoms such as a cough, strong drowsiness and/or smell and taste problems, immediately contact the International Exchange Division either by phone (0852-32-6106) or email (ied-ryugaku(at) Refrain from coming to university, avoid contact with others, and stay home.

4. In the case you are diagnosed with COVID-19, contact the International Exchange Division as well as the Health Service Center of your campus either by phone or email.

Health Service Center Matsue Campus

TEL:0852-32-6568     E-mail : health(at)

Health Service Center Izumo Campus

TEL: 0853-20-2099  E-mail : satoezoe(at)

5. Avoid non-essential outings and refrain from visiting crowded places (1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation, 2. Crowded places with many people nearby, and 3. Close-contact setting such as close-range conversations.)

6. Avoid unnecessary, non-urgent travel to outside Shimane, as this action raises the risk of the infection spreading. If you unavoidably need to travel, make sure to monitor your health condition for two weeks at your destination, and take necessary prevention measures (such as staying at home, avoiding unessential outings and contact with others.)

7. If you need to travel on job hunting purposes, thoroughly consider if it is necessary. If it is, inform the Center for University Higher Education of your travel by filling the form in the link below.  (Japanese only)

●Career Section, Center for University Higher Education

    TEL:0852-32-6061  Email:ssd-career(at)

8. If you have traveled to or from outside Shimane, stay home for two weeks after returning home, monitor your health condition, avoid non-essential outings and refrain from contact with others.

9. No extracurricular activities are permitted.

10. Be alert with people who kindly call out to new students, as some of them may be up to malicious solicitation meant to trick you.


Please act accordingly and prudently in order to protect as many lives as possible which can be saved from virus threats.


 (Contact information regarding classes)


  〇Inquiries on classes common across all faculties




Education Planning Group,

Education Planning Division





  〇Inquiries on specialized classes held by each faculty and classes by Graduate Schools  




Faculty of Law and Literature

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences



Faculty of Education

Graduate School of Education



Faculty of Human Sciences



Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering



Faculty of Life and Environmental Science

Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science



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