Students in Need of Financial Support under COVID-19 Outbreak (Updated on June 5)

公開日 2020/06/05

【Financial Support for Continuing Your Studies】

1. Japan Government Program “Student Emergency Support Grant” to Continue Your Study
    The Japanese government financial support program aims to provide cash urgently to students who are facing difficulties to continue their studies due to decrease in part time job income under the COVID-19 outbreak.
 ➡  Application for Japan Government Program “Student Emergency Support Grant” to Continue Your Studies 【Submission Deadline June 10】

【Other Financial Support Programs】
1. Temporary Loan Emergency Funds
    The households that need urgent and temporary fund loan to maintain their livelihood affected by the decrease in their income due to COVID-19.

    Guidance on this program is found on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website
    Application and Inquiry
    〇 Matsue Council of Social Welfare (in Japanese) 
    〇 Izumo Council of Social Welfare (in Japanese)    
    〇 National Association of Labour Banks, Chugoku Region (in Japanese)  
    〇 Japan Post (in Japanese)  
        ※The list of Shimane's Japan Post offices which accept application is found here (in Japanese). 

2. Japanese Government Special Cash Handout 

  The Japanese government will be handing out 100,000 yen to residents in Japan for financial support during the coronavirus outbreak.
➡  【IMPORTANT】Notice on Japanese Government Special Cash Handout Program

3. Employment Adjustment Subsidy (Support to receive income even if absent from part time work) 
      If you are told to take leave from Part-time job, your workplace is obligated to pay leave allowance. Japanese Government has been providing subsidies to support workers.