Request Regarding Travel for FY2020 Second Semester Classes【All Students】

公開日 2020/09/02

All Shimane University Students:


Request Regarding Travel for FY2020 Second Semester Classes


As previously informed on Wednesday, August 5, if you have unavoidably traveled away from Shimane, return to Shimane 2 weeks before the start of classes and monitor your health condition. If you have unavoidably traveled to and stayed in a High Alert Infection Area (Before August 30) or Special Alert Infection Area (After August 31), stay at home for 10 days after returning to Shimane, record your health condition on the Self-Health Checklist, and avoid unnecessary outings and contact with others while staying at home.


Please check No. 4 Travel within Japan in the following link for the areas desiganted as High Alert Infection Area.

  Points to Note Relating to Prevention of the Infectious Spread of Novel Coronavirus 【All Students】
       FAQs Regarding No.4 Travel within Japan (August 31, 2020)[PDF:475KB]