On-campus Vaccination for Shimane University Members

公開日 2021/07/14

With the help of the University Hospital, Shimane University is implementing on-campus vaccination for its members who wish to be vaccinated.

Matsue Campus

 Schedule:  1st Vaccination  From Monday, July 5 to Sunday, July 11
      2nd Vaccination From Friday, August 6 to Thursday, August 12
       ※Students, faculty and staff members will receive schedule notification individually.
       ※Contact the office in chagre found in the schedule notification if you want to change your scheduled date and time.
 Reception: Main gate of the Faculty of Education, Matsue campus
       ※ See the map here.
 Target:       ・Students who belong to Matsue Campus wishing to be vaccinated
      ・Board members, faculty and staff members who belong to Matsue Campus (including members of the attached compulsory education school) wishing to be vaccinated
      ・Part-time lectures and other on-site staff members wishing to be vaccinated

 What to bring: See the link below.
       Preparation for On-campus Vaccination (Matsue Campus)
       (Jump to another web page of the Shimane University website.)


Izumo Campus

 To be announced


To those wishing to be vaccinated

 ・Information provided by the Health Service Center Matsue Campus website (in Japanese) 
   島根大学における新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種について ~正しい情報とサポート体制~


 ・General inquiry on on-campus vaccination
    ・COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters Office
     TEL: 0852-32-9797
     Mail: corona@office.shimane-u.ac.jp

 ・Inquiry on vaccination, and mental and physical health
    ・Health Service Center Matsue Campus
     TEL:  0852-32-6568 or 0852-32-6626
     Mail: health@soc.shimane-u.ac.jp
    ・Health Service Center Izumo Campus
     TEL: 0853-20-2099
     Mail: healthizumo@med.shimane-u.ac.jp