Shimane University's Response to COVID-19

公開日 2022/06/13

Shimane University notices relating to COVID-19 are listed on this page. Please frequently check here for the latest information as any changes made will be posted on this page.

If any of the following apply to you, take the necessary action following the flowchart 
- When you tested positive
- When you have had close contact, or apply to the items on the Checklist for Close Contact [PDF:213KB]
- When you or your co-resident undergo a test instructed by a clinic/hospital or public health center
- When you feel sick
- When you undergo a test by self-test kit or at a free test site 

Action Flowchart
Matsue campus students: Flowchart [PDF:234KB] How to switch the form to English [PDF:81.2KB]
Matsue campus faculty/staff: Flowchart [PDF:234KB]   How to switch the form to English [PDF:81.2KB]
Izumo campus students: 新型コロナウイルスに対する対応について(出雲キャンパス) (in Japanese)
Izumo campus faculty/staff: Contact: Contact Shimane University Hospital 0853-20-2483 for their instructions

【Latest updates】
Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at Shimane University

Phase Lowering from Phase 2 to 1 of Shimane University Action Guidelines[PDF:400KB] as of June 14

(1) Shimane University's Measures (Students, Faculty and Staff Members, Non-SU Members)
(2) To students
(3) To faculty and staff members

(1) Shimane University's Measures (Students, Faculty, and Staff Members)

Shimane University Action Guidelines in Response to COVID-19[PDF:400KB] (As of June 14, 2022)
〇 Points to Note Relating to Prevention of the Infectious Spread of Novel Coronavirus【All Students】 (As of May 20, 2022)
〇 Points to Note Relating to Prevention of the Infectious Spread of Novel Coronavirus 【All Faculty and Staff】 (As of May 20, 2022)

〇 Campus Entry of Non-Shimane University Members (As of January 19, 2022)

(2) To students

January 20, 2022
Response to AY2021 Second Semester Regular Examination

January 13, 2022
Urgent Notice on Class from January 17 to the day of last class in second semester

January 7, 2022
IMPORTANT: Urgent Notice on Class

(3) To faculty and staff members

January 31, 2022
Measures for Faculty and Staff Not Attending Work (“Work Ban”)